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12th Conference of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group on the Integrated Protection of Stored Products (IPSP)
04-06/09/2019 – ITALIA, Pisa
15-18/10/2019 – USA, San Diego
6/11/2019 – UK, Milton Keynes

Crawling insects trap - 3 Way Trap

Crawling insects trap - 3 Way Trap

Crawling insect traps

Cardboard glue trap with “dust-proof” glue. The peculiar way the glue is spread on the trap also increases the available glue surface. Must be activated with specific pheromones and/or with food tablet.

Code: P-04031
Pack: 2 pcs
Outer carton: sales unit 28 pcs
Ideal for: shield trap (P-04031BLU) and magnetic trap (P-04031MAG)