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Bed bugs: what are they and why it is important to remove them from the environment

Protect the environment from bed bugs and you'll protect the health of people that live there

Bed bugs: what are they and why it is important to remove them from the environment

Bed bugs are small insect pests whose presence in the environment, contrarily to what one may think, is not related to lack of hygene. These pests can establish themselves in any environment where they can find the ideal conditions to survive and reproduce themselves.

Bed bugs of the Cimex lectularius species have scarce activity during the day, when they stay nestled in their hiding places. During the night, these pests come out of their harbourages searching for food. The bites of these blood sucking insects are a big nuisance and can cause skin rash and pain.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs, are small hematophagous (i.e. they feed on blood) insects that usually harbour in bedrooms or rooms where their host sleeps.

If they find a favourable environment, these small infestants, tend to spread very quickly in every room. They normally establish themselves in houses, apartments, hotels and hospitals as temperature in these places is optimal especially during night hours. During the day a bed bugs infested room looks totally normal. These insects in fact hide in their "nests" like cracks and crevices in walls, in the bed structure, in mattress' sewings, in torn carpet, electrical sockets, fire alarm sensors, etc...

Bed bugs are especially attracted by the heat that forms in bedrooms during the night, and by carbon dioxide produced by the host's breathing.

Are bed bugs a sign of lack of hygiene?

Absolutely NOT. Bed bugs are not attracted by filth and do not represent a sign of lack of hygiene as would cockroaches for example. That's why we can find bed bugs in both dirty and sanitized environments.

How do they move?

Bed bugs don't fly nor jump but they can rapidly spread in an environment simply by crawling.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

To radically remove bed bugs from an environment and avoid annoying bites, it is important to use a monitoring device, like the adhesive trap BED BUGS TRAP (code P-04079) in order to react in time with the chemical treatment.

Pest control techniques are normally based on the use of insecticides with low toxicity for humans, in addition to a portable device that raises the room temperature to an unbearable level for bed bugs and their eggs (50°C).