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Pest Control events

12th Conference of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group on the Integrated Protection of Stored Products (IPSP)
04-06/09/2019 – ITALIA, Pisa
15-18/10/2019 – USA, San Diego
6/11/2019 – UK, Milton Keynes

IX Pest Control National Meeting, promoted by ANID

Parma, 15th -16th of March 2016

IX Pest Control National Meeting, promoted by ANID

“From Pest Control to Pest Management in a European dimension” is the theme of the IX edition of the Pest Control National Meeting promoted by ANID, which is taking place in Parma on March, 15th and 16th, 2016, at the local Chamber of Commerce (Verdi, 2, str. Aurea Hall).

The event aim is to be an open window both to experimentation and innovation in an international context of Pest Control, even with a view to the approval and publication of the European Standard of Pest Control, the “EN 16636”, to which ANID has given an important and strategic contribution.

During the first meeting day the analysed subjects will concern the monitoring techniques for detecting the presence of bed bugs and of crawling insects in general in food industries, an overview on flying insects and cockroaches, and a final debate on the difference between Pest Control and Cleaning.

During the second meeting day the debated themes will concern rodents, from an analysis of pest control and anti-coagulant products, to some considerations on the mice and rats control both in the international market in general and in food industries. It will be made an overview even on the researches and experimentations in progress.

The event will end with some insights on birds control, the proper equipments to do that and the right processes to carry out for the guano waste. Finally there will be a debate on the latest Pest Control European Standard (EN 16636). 

Those people interested in participating to the IX Pest Control National Meeting have to register online and pay a partecipation quote (€ 50,00 for the Companies associated to Anid and € 80,00 for those not associated).

inPEST is one of the official sponsors to the meeting.