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12th Conference of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group on the Integrated Protection of Stored Products (IPSP)
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A glue trap to prevent unwelcome guests

Protect homes and working areas with an efficient barrier against mice

A glue trap to prevent unwelcome guests

The presence of mice inside a house or a working place, is not only unpleasant, but it can also be dangerous since these pests, if not controlled properly, can cause great damage.

Why is the use of a mouse glue trap so important?

The use of a mouse glue trap gives numerouse advantages:

  • It avoids having to kill the mice and prevents the colony from growing;
  • It avoids having to look for the carcass of the poisoned animal;
  • It avoids having to remove the carcass and clean, wash and disinfect the area;
  • It prevents children and domestic animals from coming into contact with live or dead mice and/or with poisoned baits;
  • It helps preventing 35 types of diseases that mice can transmit;
  • It prevents the infestation from increasing with terrible consequences that a large mouse colony can cause;
  • It prevents mice from damaging objects by immobilizing them. Rodenticides do not have an immediate effect and before the rodent dies, it has time to run around and cause damage;
  • It prevents mice from returning to their hiding place. Mice can memorize places where the experienced an unpleasent situation and never go back.

These are the reasons why a glue trap is the best solution to guarantee a "rodent free" environment.

Every trap of inPEST is manufactured with the highest standards to guarantee the best results in professional environments like food industries, warehouses, offices, condominiums, and all those areas where human or animal food is processed and/or stocked.